'Asteroids' is a Galaga clone made with Codeheart.js, and it's the first game I ever finished. It's definitely not as good as Asteroids 2, but I keep it up as reminder of how much better I've gotten!
Asteroids 2
Another Galaga clone, 'Asteroids 2' is a lot more intricate and intelligent than Asteroids (and it doesn't use Codeheart.js). I made all of the code and art in the game!
Super Smash Bots Brawl
'Super Smash Bots Brawl' (SSBB) was a long-term school project I made with Megan Phelps (who did all of the art). It's obviously a Super Smash Bros Brawl clone, and I learned a lot from making it.
Shank Your Nan
A crowd favorite, 'Shank Your Nan' is an MLG typing game with 3 difficulties that change the amount of time you have to type each key. Made with Codeheart.js and requested by Donovan Murphy.
'Potatoman' was my first attempt at making a platformer- needless to say, it turned out terrible. But, it did teach me a lot about collision detection and I improved it in Potatoman 2.
Potatoman 2 [DEV]
Finally able to make a functional platformer, I programmed 'Potatoman 2' after learning collision detection and decent movement. I'll probably get around to adding more levels eventually.
Pocket Kiwis [DEV]
'Pocket Kiwis' is currently my favorite on this list, it definitely took the most time and effort. It is a Pokemon clone (or, at least, it will be). Art by my boi Lindsey Cool!
Left [DEV]
The idea for 'Left' came out of a 10 hour car ride and the thought, "we should make a racing text-adventure game." We'll finish this one too, I swear. Story by Molly Carroll!