JCompose.com Minimalism Update

Woops, I haven't fixed the stuff I said I was gonna fix yet, since I've been kinda busy. I have, however, added some affiliate links on the About page for Uber, Lyft and Robinhood, so if you wanna give me some free stuff feel free to use those links to sign up. I just finished and checked over all the code for the new website. It only took a few days, and I think I could've done it sooner if I hadn't procrastinated. Having a lot of reusable images and code definitely helped, but compare that to the development cycle of JCompose 1.0, which took months to plan out and implement. The next update you'll see here will hopefully be about how I've fixed the Asteroids II shop. For more information about what I'm focusing on and developing, check the 'About' page. At this moment, I'm producing the new and (hopefully) improved JCompose.com Minimalism Update. As soon as this is off of my to-do list, I'm gonna start fixing some of my old games and upload some of the music that's already on my Soundcloud. I think, when I tried to redesign Jackygames, I tried too hard to streamline the uploading process for both music and games, and it ended up actually making it more difficult. Since this design is so minimal and files aren't buried within 5 or 6 subdirectories, I'm able to just add stuff way more freely than I was before. I also finally added descriptions to the music that I post, which I'm not sure why I didn't include before. Though JCompose 1.0 had a unique design, cool animations and nice graphics, I'm gonna try to make JCompose 2.0 sleek and unique in its own way. I'll probably add a lot more CSS and JQuery transitions when I have the time, because I like the idea of a minimalistic website that has a lot of subtle design decisions.