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JCompose.com About
Who are you?
My name is Jackson Carroll. I'm an 18 year old high school senior interested in math, computer science, music theory and music composition. I like programming, dogs, web design, stand-up comedy, recreational mathematics, and diet soda. I'm a centrist. My favorite color is #ff5d5d. I'm an ENTJ.
What is JCompose?
JCompose is my portfolio. I changed the name from 'Jackygames' after realizing that, a) having ‘games’ in the domain name basically guaranteed that my school would block it, and b) I wanted it to encompass all of my creative projects, not just games- to 'compose' just means to create, but it also references my musical compositions.
Why did you start making games / composing music?
I started programming so I could learn how to make plugins for Minecraft servers (which were in Java). Games were the easiest to make for me, allowed me to easily show other people what I'd been working on, and were just satisfying to complete and watch other people play. I started composing in my free time after enjoying writing music for a band assignment.
Is JCompose done?
Not even close. I have so many ideas left to add. Here are a few things I want JCompose to feature:
  • A 'blog' section
  • Fancier looking music and comedy pages
  • A 'Newgrounds'-type uploading system to allow people to upload their own content
  • MORE CONTENT! More games, more music, more categories of stuff, more ads!
Who made the art?
All of the images of the social media links are owned by their respective companies, I've simply added a 50% opacity filter for hover effects. The Games, Music and Comedy links (as well as the name 'JCompose') were created by my girlfriend, Athena Jasman.
What are you working on right now?
These are my priorities, from most to least important:
  1. Asteroids 2
  2. Potatoman 2
  3. More music
  4. A better layout
  5. Ads
What happened to ___?
If you're a Jackygames veteran, you might notice that some of my older, less technically impressive games aren't on JCompose. This is for one of two reasons: either I deemed it not a good representation of my coding ability, which is the point of having an online portfolio, or the code was lost or became corrupted- unfortunately, that's what happened to the original Shank Your Nan as well as Super Smash Bots Brawl.
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